EPISODE 05- I Hear Your Voice Tagalog.


Korean. Nowadays, more and more Thai dramas dubbed to Filipino have been making their way to our local free TV, perhaps because K-dramas can be accessed elsewhere (i.

EPISODE 11- I Hear Your Voice Tagalog.


0K Followers. Connect (December 7) The plot, according to Disney " Connect stars Jung Hae In as Ha Dong Soo a new type of immortal human known as a &39;connect,&39; who is kidnapped by a gang of organ harvesters determined to take his eyes. 1K Views.


" 2. Hotel De Luna is one of the most popular K-drama shows ever, and one of the top TV series of 2019. This six-episode musical drama is based on Annarasumanara, a webtoon by Ha Il-kwon.

Just For Fun. 5K Views.

In this rom-com, hotshot professor Chi-yeol (Jung Kyung Ho) and side dish store owner Haeng-sun (Jeon Do Yeon) get tangled in a bittersweet yet scandalous romance due to Chi-yeols fame.

Jun 15, 2020 Asianovelas Gallery.

Private Joon Ho and Corporal Ho Yul both team up to find the deserters. Tagalog.

Jun 29, 2021 &0183; All the Tagalog-Dubbed K-Dramas You Can Now Stream on Viu. Just for fun.


Three Words to Forever. Korean Drama (KDrama) tagalog dubbed app for Filipino fans in Philippines Watch Korean dramas (Filipino dubbed) online - stream popular Tagalog-dubbed K-Drama with Eng Tagalog subs. .

A sci-fi horror series set in space, The. . Naisip niyang tumalon mula sa rooftop. Jun 15, 2020 Asianovelas Gallery. Network SBS, Netflix. Korean.


Oct 27, 2022 Narco-Saints 6 Episodes This Netflix original thriller crime drama will take you to a world controlled by money-hungry people. .

Jung Hae In as Ahn Joon Ho.

Episode 1.

"television drama") or (lakhon, pronounced la.